• Official Authorized Partner of Zoom

    We have been an OEM partner of Zoom since 2018. Our core technology and software are all provided by Zoom R&D team. Hundreds of server clusters around the world make video conferencing much more simple and effective. We have been dedicated to creating a modern conference environment, and providing customers with better conferencing experience.

  • Safety Certification

    J-Meeting is based on the products of Zoom video conference and operated in China by Beijing Jishihui Technology Co., Ltd. The security protection level of intelligent communication service system is at the second level according to Chinese gorvernment's requirment.

  • Safety Certification

    The business platform is managed by alicloud's login portal. All functions of the communication capability center is taken as a jump by the fortress machine, which can only be logged in through public and private key verification. The capability part is all completed by the intranet, which can't be accessed from the extranet, and the internal data can't be transmitted to the extranet.

About Jishihui

Beijing Jishihui Technology Co., Ltd (Short as Jishihui below) is a wholly owned subsidiary of intelligent communication service provider Xunzhong Co., Ltd. (NEEQ Stock Code: 832646). It was founded in 2017, and its core team is composed of well-known IT company senior managers and backbones of the Global 500 companies, focusing on enterprise high-definition video communication software and integrated cloud video solutions, to assist the government and enterprises’ digital transformation.

We provide cloud video SaaS as of "cloud + end + AI", which is widely used in virtual deployment, Internet architecture adaptation and real-time video concurrency. It has many successful cases in government affairs, finance, education, medical treatment, group enterprises and so on. For example, it serves China Telecom, AIIB, CASS, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, China supply and marketing group, Mead Johnson, VIPKID and other well-known customers.

Address: 23rd Floor, Sony building, No.16 of Guangshun South Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing